Why Sandeep Vanga is targeted and not Bhansali?

S Venkateshwari
Selective favouritism and criticism in the film business is a hazardous tendency. Often, the media and critics become biassed and blind to certain features. A similar incident is currently being reported in the sector. When sandeep Vanga created Animal, several feminists and industry heavyweights criticised his thought process.

However, no one took Sanjay Leela Bhansali's identical statements regarding his programme Heeramandi seriously. The online series allegedly did not get any momentum or audience.
However, when discussing the play, he stated, "To me, Heeramandi was the most lovely spot. "I am from that world."
At the same time, Bhansali made some misogynistic remarks, saying, "I regard prostitutes as fascinating and strong women. They sing, dance, and use art to convey their feelings. They comprehend living, architecture, textiles, and jewellery. They are real art enthusiasts. Middle-class ladies standing in ration lines do not intrigue me."

Based on these statements, Vanga supporters argue that no one wants to condemn him for a variety of reasons, but what he stated is completely unacceptable. Some argue that luminaries like as Syam Benegal created films on middle-class lives that are still considered masterpieces today.
But the argument has begun, with the targeted criticism directed at Vanga but not against Bhansali.

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