Why do video clips of Pakistani serials trend?

Sekar Chandra
Why do video clips of Pakistani serials trend?

Nowadays, indian audiences are very fond of watching Pakistani dramas. Perhaps this is the reason why small video clips of Pakistani serials keep going viral on social media every day. But what is the reason for the popularity of these drama serials in India? Why are people liking it so much? It is well known that Pakistani audiences have always been crazy about indian cinema and to some extent the reverse is also true. Be it music or serials, indian audiences are drawn towards Pakistani entertainment world. Not only this, Pakistani artists also get a huge fan following in India.

There is no overacting in Pakistani serials!

Entertainment expert Shagufta Yasmin from Patna, while talking to ABP News, spoke openly about the popularity of Pakistani serials in India. Yasmeen herself is fond of watching Pakistani dramas. He said, indian serials show so much overacting and drama due to which you cannot relate the story and its characters to your real life, whereas Pakistani dramas show very simple and common life stories. In comparison to indian serials, you never find any witch, wish-fulfilling serpent or witch in Pakistani dramas, nor does any person wake up alive after years of death, nor does anyone ever undergo plastic surgery.

Giving an example, Yasmin said, 'The story of these serials is not about any hi-fi society, but about very common or middle class families. Like a Pakistani serial named 'Fraud' came in 2022. This story is of a middle class family. parents and two daughters. In this, the father wants to marry his daughter not to a working person but to a big businessman so that his daughter can get all the comforts and facilities. After some time, a relation from a big family comes to the father and the father immediately marries his daughter to that family.

'The relationship was arranged in a big family and to be happy with it, the girl's father spends well and also gives money and jewelery to his daughter and son-in-law. One day after the marriage, the girl is sleeping in her in-laws' house and the boy's family runs away with everything. Later it is revealed that the boys were frauds. This house was also not his. Nor were the parents of that rich boy real. Despite all efforts, the girl's family is unable to locate them. Such drama serials are not seen in India.

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