Anuj will leave Aadhya's birthday party for Anupama

Anuj will leave Aadhya's birthday party for Anupama…

In the upcoming episode of the popular tv show 'Anupama', it will be seen how Aadhya's hatred for her mother increases even more, as after knowing the whole Spice N Chutney controversy, Anuj goes to Anu to live with her. And leaves his daughter's birthday party midway. Aadhya is angry because till date her father has considered Anu more than her.

Anuj will leave Aadhya for Anu

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, it will be seen that Anu gets a call from Anuj. Anuj makes a video call to Anu to show Aadhya how she is going to cut her birthday cake. Anu also feels good seeing Aadhya happy. After talking on video call, Anu comes back and sees that Toshu has served the dish to the people.

Meanwhile, Toshu forcefully serves Anupama's signature dish Undhuyo Biryani in front of the food blogger without showing her. After this, the people present there create an uproar after seeing cockroaches in the dish. All the people present in the restaurant make a video of the entire incident and upload it on social media. Anuj sees the video on social media and rushes to support Anu. Aadhya tries to stop Anuj, but he does not listen and leaves. Seeing such behavior of Anuj, Aadhya becomes furious and her special day gets completely spoiled.

There will be a lot of drama in the latest episode of the show

Aadhya curses Anu that just as she has spoiled her day, her day also gets spoiled. Now it will be interesting to see how Aadhya will behave with Anu as her hatred has increased more. Aadhya will curse her own mother a lot. The result of which will be that Anupama will once again have to data-face humiliation in front of the people in her restaurant. On the other hand, shruti will also take full advantage of Aadhya's hatred.

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