It’s not just a movie : Allu Arjun

S Venkateshwari
Although allu arjun made his acting debut with Gangothri, it was Sukumar's directorial debut, Arya, that propelled him to popularity. sukumar and allu arjun experienced their first major success in their careers with Arya. The film, which was released today two decades ago, holds a particular position in telugu movie history.
On this occasion, allu arjun used his social media platform to express his sentiments. He described the publication of the picture as a watershed event in his life. Allu Arjun shared an image from the film, writing, "20 years of Arya. This is more than simply a movie. It is a point in time that altered the trajectory of my life. "Gratitude forever."
The film, billed as a love drama and produced by dil Raju, starred Anu Mehta, Siva Balaji, Subbaraju, and others. The film was subsequently remade in tamil as Kutty (2010). The developers released a sequel in 2009, titled arya 2.
Sukumar and allu arjun are now working together on the pushpa franchise. Allu Arjun and his wife, sneha Reddy, were recently seen eating at a roadside dhaba together. The photo rapidly garnered traction on social media, with people applauding the couple's simplicity. In the shot, Allu is seen talking on the phone as sneha searches for something, entirely oblivious that she is being taken.

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