Janhvi Kapoor reveals her red flag habit as a girlfriend !!!


Janhvi Kapoor reveals her red flag habit as a girlfriend

Recently, janhvi kapoor opened up about her personal life and revealed a dangerous habit of hers as a girlfriend. Let us tell you.

Bollywood actress janhvi kapoor is currently busy promoting her upcoming film 'Mr. and Mrs. mahi '. The actress is grabbing people's attention with her outfit choices for the film promotion. Recently, Janhvi revealed many anecdotes from her personal life in an interview, delighting fans. She revealed that she often checks her boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya's phone.

Janhvi Kapoor reveals, does she checks her boyfriend's phone? 

Recently, a video of janhvi kapoor went viral on 'X',in which the actress is seen making a shocking revelation about her relationship. In the clip, a fan asked the actress if a girlfriend should be allowed to check her boyfriend's phone. To this, Janhvi replied that although she knows it is a red flag, she checks her boyfriend's phone. She said in the video, "I know it's a red flag, but I still check (my partner's) phone."

Soon after, someone from the audience asked Janhvi, "Should boyfriends be allowed to check their girlfriends' phones?" To this, the actress quickly replied that no guy should ever do this. When asked the reason behind this, Janhvi immediately asked, "Don't you believe it?"

When janhvi kapoor called Shikhar Pahadia her 'support system'

Earlier, in a conversation with 'Mirchi Plus', the host had asked janhvi kapoor and her co-star rajkummar rao to name two people from their lives who have been their support system. Responding to this, Janhvi first named her parents and said that they have encouraged and supported her a lot. She then mentioned her boyfriend Shikhar and revealed how he has always stood up for her. 

She had said, "Apart from him, Shikhar because he has been in my life since I was 15-16 years old. I think my dreams have always been his dreams and his dreams have always been my dreams. We have been very close. We have almost been each other's support system as if we have raised each other."

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