In 19 years of marriage... not a single day without a fight!

In 19 years of marriage... not a single day without a fight!

 Dhanush's sister's post about her husband!

Actor Dhanush's sister Karthika took to her social media page to wish her husband a special 19th wedding anniversary.Dhanush is a leading actor in tamil cinema. It is no exaggeration if his brother selva raghavan is behind his success. Because films like Puduppettai, Kadhal Konden, directed by him with dhanush as the hero, took dhanush to the next level. Also, after Dhanush's success, there are always his sisters and parents. dhanush has told many film festivals.

Just as Dhanush's father Kasthuri raja and brother Selvaragavan are the most noticed celebrities by fans, similarly the activities of Dhanush's sisters are also closely watched by fans.Doctor Karthika, one of Dhanush's sisters, has always been very active on social media. He often gives fans a pleasant surprise by posting photos of his family and Dhanush's childhood.

Even when Captain Vijayakanth passed away, Vijayakanth's help helped him get medical treatment. When my father was struggling without money for my studies, Vijayakanth was the one who helped me and he had posted saying that no matter how much I thanked him for that help, it would not be reciprocated.

In this case, Karthika told her married life very differently to her husband Karthik. We have been together for 26 years. We have been married for 19 years. But not a single day was without a fight. I realized that without our fights I am not... Wishes us a happy wedding day. She also published an old photo of her husband kissing with love, which is going viral on social media.Following this post, many fans and netizens of dhanush have been congratulating you saying that you may live with love for many more years.

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