Rs. 200 crores.. India's highest paid OTT star is this.. No Alia, Deepika Padukone..

Rs. 200 crores.. India's highest paid OTT star is this.. No alia, deepika Padukone..

In this post we will see who is India's highest paid actress in OTT right now.

As far as the indian film industry is concerned, until a few years ago, actresses were earning a few lakhs. Following this, some leading actresses started getting salaries in crores. But now many actresses are getting salary in crores.Many series are gaining popularity on OTT as well as cinema. In that way, OTT platforms including Netflix and amazon are currently paying high salaries to leading actresses. So today, one of the highest paid indian actresses in OTT earns more than leading bollywood stars.

He is none other. She is the famous bollywood actress priyanka Chopra. She is currently India's highest paid actress in OTT. Citadel, which aired on Prime Video, was reportedly made on a budget of $250 million (over Rs. 2000 crore).For the first time, priyanka was paid at par with a leading actor for this show. Although the exact amount she and co-star richard Madden received for the show is not known, it is estimated that they each received between $25-30 million, in indian terms of Rs. 200-250 crore has been estimated by international trading platforms.

Before Priyanka, ajay devgn was India's highest paid OTT star as he earned Rs 125 crore for Disney+ Hotstar's Rudra: Edge of Darkness web series.

This means that the fee for priyanka Citadel is more than the total production budget of India's most expensive series, Heeramandi.

Similarly, kareena kapoor collected Rs 12 crore for Jaane jaan and alia bhatt collected Rs 15 crore for Darlings. saif ali khan was paid Rs. 25 crore salary was given according to reports.

Other actors are paid Rs 10-15 crore for their roles in OTT. For example, manoj bajpayee reportedly received Rs 10 crore for The Family Man.

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