Ex- Minister's tweet targeting Rashmika went viral..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Ex- Minister's tweet targeting rashmika went viral..!?

  The former minister made a direct attack without mentioning Rashmika's name. Even if politics and film actors are not related, if they go into it, insults and criticism are inevitable. Rashmika has been going through such an experience recently. While she was happy that prime minister Modi had responded to one of her tweets, posts and tweets started targeting her with criticism. It is known that the mumbai Trans Harbor Link (MTHL), the longest sea bridge in the country, has been constructed in the commercial capital of Mumbai. This bridge is called ``Atal Setu''. Popular heroine rashmika mandanna, who recently traveled on this Atul Setu, praised it. rashmika recently posted a video on social media where she was talking about Atal sethu while riding in a car.

The viral video was recently watched by prime minister Modi. The prime minister commented on Twitter, ``What is more satisfying than improving people's lives and connecting them?'' rashmika said in an interview that perhaps no one would have imagined that india would invent such a miracle, and what was thought impossible was made possible within seven years. She commented that the journey on this bridge gives a sweet feeling and that this bridge is a mirror of India. However, criticism started that the video was like a bjp promotion.

Recently Uddhav Thackeray's son, former maharashtra minister Aditya Thackeray made a direct attack on her without mentioning her name. I saw an actress suddenly doing an ad (paid or not) on MTHL branded as Atal sethu in the current regime. He tweeted highlighting some facts related to it. In terms of career, rashmika seemed to be lagging behind a little, but she came back to form with Animal. This beauty, who is busy as a commercial heroine, is now working to gain recognition as an actress. rashmika is doing four films as the heroine of this national crush, who is raving in North and South alike. Currently, her entire concerto is based on them.

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