Bharathiraja's movie was criticized by Ilaiyaraaja..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Bharathiraja's movie was criticized by Ilaiyaraaja..!?

Ilayaraja, who watched Masterpiece directed by Imayam bharathiraja before its release, criticized the film as not running at all. ilayaraja didn't like the movie when he saw it for the first time. It was directly told by Bharathiraja. He was also angry that he had wasted Nadigar Thilagam acting as well. bharathiraja did not even pay for the music of the film as he had taken a lot of debt for this film. Bharathiraja is also afraid that he will lose something in the music because he did not like the film. However, after finishing the music of in two days, ilayaraja said, "This film will not work anyway. You have a loan, so I don't want to get paid." Hearing this, bharathiraja was angry. Later, bharathiraja realized that Ilayaraja's score was so good when he showed the film to Panchu Arunachalam and the distributors. Panchu Arunachalam has also said that the film is not good and will not run as the musician said. So the distributors also refused to buy the film. With no other option, bharathiraja has sold all his property including jewelry, and released the film at his own expense. The film was also released and became a huge success.

Actor Thilakam and Radha's performance, Ilayaraja's music, songs, cinematography, and direction were showered with praise from the public and the press. After this huge success, the film was held at the film's success Meet at Nakshatra Hotel. ilayaraja is also participating in it. Then bharathiraja brought money in a big paper bundle and paid ilayaraja as a salary.

But ilayaraja refused to buy it and said, "I still say it. I don't like this film at all. You have wasted actor Shivaji. That's what I said before. I don't want the salary. My opinion as a fan is that I don't like the film. But will I not do my job properly for that?! music is my passion. Career. I will never betray it", bharathiraja burst into tears and hugged Ilayaraja. It is noteworthy that both of them have been friends since then.

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