Kashmera Shah is waiting for an uncle at Aarti Singh's wedding!!!

Kashmera Shah is waiting for an uncle at Aarti Singh's wedding!!!

TV actress and Govinda's niece Aarti Singh is about to start a new life. On april 25, she will become the bride of mumbai businessman deepak Chauhan. Their Haldi ceremony took place and there was a lot of dancing and singing during it. The bride-to-be also danced vigorously. Now Aarti's marriage is also expected to happen with great pomp. Kashmira Shah is waiting for the arrival of her maternal uncle and father-in-law i.e. govinda in this marriage. Kashmira says that she is very excited to meet him.

Govinda should come to Aarti's wedding

For those who do not know, let us tell them that krishna Abhishek and govinda have been at loggerheads for the last several years. But krishna Abhishek's wife Kashmira Shah says that this marriage is an opportunity for everyone to forget the past bitterness and move ahead and meet each other. He said, he may be angry with us, but he is not angry with Aarti. If he had not come to our wedding, it would have been understandable that he was angry with us. But Aarti wants him to come to her wedding. Kashmira said I would request him not to vent out our anger on him.

Govinda will be warmly welcomed

Kashmira Shah further said, 'This is an auspicious and happy occasion for our family, and I, her daughter-in-law, will welcome her with open arms. I will also touch my father-in-law's feet and take his blessings. Whatever happened between us has nothing to do with Aarti and all this happens in families, but it does not mean at all that we do not love each other. This marriage can reunite our family, which we have been waiting for for a long time.

Aarti will be happy with Deepak

Regarding her sister-in-law's marriage, Kashmira Shah says, this is a very emotional time for us, because we were waiting for it for a long time. krishna is feeling like a father at this time because Aarti is like a daughter to him. We are confident that deepak is the right man for Aarti, and she will be happy with him.

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