SukhwinderSingh denies Ram Gopal Varma’s claims that he composed Jai Ho, not AR Rahman


Sukhwinder Singh: 'Jai Ho was completely the creation of AR Rahman', Sukhwinder refutes ram Gopal Varma's claims

Filmmaker ram Gopal varma recently shared an incident where AR rahman reacted to Subhash Ghai's frustration during the making of the film 'Yuvraj'. Along with this, he also claimed that the song 'Jai Ho' was not produced by AR rahman but by Sukhwinder Singh. However, now sukhwinder singh himself has broken his silence on this. Let us know what the singer has said.

In an interview, ram Gopal varma suggested that Sukhwinder was behind the music of the song and not AR Rahman. However, Sukhwinder himself has refuted these claims and said that the iconic chartbuster was entirely the creation of Academy Award-winning composer Rahman.

  sukhwinder singh clarified that it was AR rahman who composed the song, and he only lent his voice to it. He said, "I have only sung it. ram Gopal varma ji is not a small celebrity, perhaps he might have realized something was wrong." sukhwinder singh narrated how gulzar wrote the song, which Rehman liked, and then produced it at Sukhwinder's studio in Juhu, Mumbai. rahman also sang it for Subhash Ghai, but Sukhwinder's voice was not recorded at that time.

Sukhwinder Singh recalled the moment when Ghai and rahman left, leaving Sukhwinder disappointed. After this, the singer appealed to gulzar to wait for 10-15 minutes. When asked why, he replied that the songs were so beautifully composed that he wanted to try singing them himself.

The singer further added, "I sang while dancing and jumping. It was the same jai Ho that you hear today. I sent it to rahman Sahab, who played it to Danny Boyle, the director of Slumdog Millionaire. rahman kept his promise and made it for Yuvraj. Gave one more song to Subhash ji."

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