Initially, I Said Impossible To SS Rajamouli’: 'R' Cinematographer SS Senthil Kumar


Initially, I Said Impossible To SS Rajamouli…’: 'R' Cinematographer SS Senthil Kumar

Recently cinematographer kk Senthil Kumar shed some light on the craft, working with SS rajamouli for over 20 years and more.

SS Rajamouli's 'R' is one of India's most celebrated films both on the domestic and international front. Amid 'Naatu Naatu' and the extensive choreography and action, one of the highlights of the Jr. ntr and ram charan starrer is its cinematography. Recently, in an interaction with Film Companion, cinematographer kk Senthil shed some light on the craft, working with SS rajamouli for over 20 years and more.

KK Senthil Kumar on why cinematography should be a natural & organic part of a film

When asked why Senthil insists that cinematography as an art form should be invisible in the film and that 'wow the cinematography is great' is not a compliment, Senthil said, "According to me, filmmaking is storytelling. So, it is about how much you engross the audience in cinema. I feel, my work as a cinematographer is to help the director tell the story in the best possible way not overtaking him to say, ok I am also there kind of a thing.”

“So, whatever is the best possible way the director wants the audience to feel at that particular point in time, so that is where you have to push. Suppose, the actors in the film or the director want the audience to feel a 'wow' moment, that's where you have to push to make them feel the wow moment visually...."

It's not like an emotional moment is happening on screen and something else is happening visually, so it's not like a clash of ideologies… It is important to be right to the moment which is happening on screen.”

KK Senthil Kumar on working with rajamouli for over 20 years

KK Senthil Kumar also spoke about working with ‘RRR director SS rajamouli for over 20 years. When asked if he has ever said 'impossible' to rajamouli for executing grand scenes beyond anyone's imagination, Senthil Kumar admitted that initially it was like that. 

“We were not so used to visual effects and that kind of thing. Practically, how to pull it off was always a kind of challenge. But, as of now, in today's technology and all, nothing is impossible. What you dream of, the only thing you have to do is to make it happen. And, I know lots of ideas are out of this world but the confidence he exudes... I come from a film school, so we always look at logic, film has to be a certain way so getting into this mass entertainer movie was a little difficult for me to digest initially. But when I saw how the audience looked at the mass entertainers and how they were perceiving it, I changed the way I thought about cinema.”

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