Sachin-Saili's wedding is going to happen in the serial

Sekar Chandra
Sachin-Saili's wedding is going to happen in the serial…

A new serial 'Udne Ki Asha' started on Star Plus a few days ago. Kanwar Dhillon and Neha Harsora are in lead roles in this serial. Kanwar Dhillon is playing the role of Sachin in the show while Neha is playing the role of Silly in the show. The story of the show revolves around Sachin and Silly. This show is set on a Marathi backdrop. In the show, Sachin and Sili will be shown in the husband-wife room. Which Sachin does not like his wife Silly at all. This show is the story of one such wife who data-faces problems due to not getting any kind of support from her husband. But she will move forward to bring her husband on the right path and help the family financially.

Makers released the promo of the show

Let us tell you that Sachin i.e. Kanwar Dhillon is a taxi driver in the show. Whereas Neha is Sarohar i.e. Silly Fool. Along with this, she tries to earn her living by doing many small businesses. Now Sachin and Sayli are going to get married in the show, a promo of which has also been shared by the makers.

Will recreate ajay Devgan and Kajol's wedding

This marriage is going to be very special. That's why discussions are already taking place. In the promo, we can see a glimpse of Sachin and Silly, which is happening in very difficult circumstances. Sachin and Sayli's marriage in the show is going to be very simple, seeing which the audience will be reminded of the marriage of Bollywood's famous couple ajay Devgan and Kajol. Yes, the marriage of Sachin and Cyli happening in reel life is a recreation of the marriage of a real-life couple and one of the most beloved couples of Bollywood, ajay Devgan, and Kajol. Bollywood's star couple ajay Devgan and kajol always give couple goals and the audience loves their pairing very much.

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