Sania Mirza posted on learning from mistakes and moving forward in life, saying- 'Your heart will be broken..'


Sania mirza posted on learning from mistakes and moving forward in life, saying- 'Your heart will be broken..'

Former tennis player sania mirza recently shared an inspiring post about learning from past mistakes and moving forward in life. Let's show.

Sania mirza is one of India's most famous athletes. The former tennis player has made the country proud on many occasions until he bids goodbye to the court in 2023. Even though Sania has retired from tennis, she is keeping her passion for the sport alive through her tennis academy based in Dubai. 

Unfortunately, she went through a major upheaval in her personal life after her ex-husband Shoaib Malik announced his third marriage to sana Javed.  Meanwhile, Sania announced through her sister Anam's insta account that she had separated from the Pakistani cricketer a long time ago.

Sania mirza shared a post on learning from mistakes

Recently, despite going through a lot of ups and downs in her life, Sania has not backed down. Apart from this, the former tennis player uses her social media account to share some motivational and encouraging messages with her fans. On april 15, 2024, Sania reposted a quote by Islamic scholar Mufti Menak on her instagram Stories, talking about learning from mistakes and moving forward in life.

The quote read, “You will be hurt, you will be in pain.” Your heart will break, and you will fall, that is part of life, but when you pick yourself up and get back up, you will be okay. Don't waste time, don't dwell on your mistakes for too long. Learn from them and keep moving forward. Life goes on."

When sania mirza posted about 'Patience'

Some time ago, Sania shared a post about 'Patience'. She had re-shared the original post uploaded by a blogger named 'Thee Deen Girl' on her instagram story. The post elaborated on the meaning of darshan or 'saber', emphasizing the power of smiling despite all odds and forgiving unkind people.

The post read, “Patience is smiling at people despite all the sorrow inside you. Patience is when tears start flowing from your eyes and you wipe them before anyone notices. Patience allows you to forgive those who are cruel to you. Patience has full faith in Allah that everything will be fine. Patience is trusting in Allah's plan.

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