Boney Kapoor Recalls Living In Raj Kapoor's Servant Quarters After His Father Was 'Thrown Out' Of Jobs


Boney Kapoor Recalls Living In raj Kapoor's Servant Quarters After His father Was 'Thrown Out' Of Jobs

Boney Kapoor discusses his life before acting, revealing that his family lived in raj Kapoor's servant quarters.

Boney Kapoor has left an indelible mark on the industry, following in the footsteps of his father, Surinder Kapoor. From timeless classics like ‘Mr. India’ and ‘Pukar’ to recent hits like ‘Maidaan’, boney Kapoor's contributions to the silver screen are unparalleled. Recently, the producer spoke about his father's struggles with money and being "thrown out" of jobs. He also reflected on the time when he had to stay at raj Kapoor's servant quarters.

In a candid conversation with Galatta Plus, boney kapoor reflected on the family's journey during their father's financial hardships. He recounted their humble beginnings in the outhouse of raj Kapoor's property, where they resided alongside servants and drivers.

He shared, “My father was brought to bombay by prithviraj Kapoor. My grandfather handed over my father to prithviraj ji because my father left about 10-12 jobs. Left, in the sense, that he was thrown out because he was siding with and supporting the workers, fought for their causes. My father was in debt. We lived in raj Kapoor’s outhouse, where servants and drivers lived.”

Boney Kapoor also talked about his and Anil Kapoor’s mutual decision to venture into acting to alleviate their father's burdens. He said, “When my grandmother passed away, Anil and I decided that he would do acting and I would take over the production. Somebody had to run the show at home also. My father had a heart problem, we didn’t want to give him stress.”

Despite these challenges, the Kapoor duo remained resilient and eventually achieved success in the industry. Reflecting on the financial hardships, boney candidly expressed,  "My father was in debt. We were in a sh**hole."

Boney Kapoor’s ‘Maidaan’

Boney Kapoor's recent production, ‘Maidaan’, directed by amit Sharma, is currently screening in theatres. Starring ajay devgn and Priyamani, the film's box office performance has been fairly good. On its fifth day, the film amassed between Rs. 1.25 to 1.50 crores, bringing the total collections to Rs. 23.50 crores.

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