Early morning excitement. A mysterious person opened fire near actor Salman Khan's house

Early morning excitement. A mysterious person opened fire near actor salman Khan's house - what is the background?

The incident of shooting by a mysterious person near the house of bollywood actor salman khan in the Bandra area of mumbai has created a stir. salman khan is the leading actor in Bollywood. He lives in Bandra area of Mumbai. There was excitement in the area due to the firing in the early hours of this morning. At around 5 am, two bike-borne assailants passed by salman Khan's house firing three times in the sky. The incident has created a sensation in the area.

The police are actively investigating the identity of the gunmen. Actor salman khan has received a lot of death threats in the last few years. Last year, an indian student from england sent salman khan a death threat via email. Apart from this, salman khan was also the target of gangster lawrence Bisnoi. salman khan got involved in the deer hunting controversy in 1998. Poaching is a crime in Bisnoi society. So lawrence Bisnoi came from the point of solving the deer poaching salman khan, but he is currently in jail.

Lawrence also warned that his associate Nehra would attack salman Khan's house. haryana police formed a special force and arrested Nehra. It is noteworthy that mumbai police Y Plus is providing security to actor salman khan due to such threats

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