Kathiresan's death after Dhanush filed a lawsuit in court claiming his rights to me.

Sekar Chandra
Kathiresan's death after dhanush filed a lawsuit in court claiming his rights to me.

Kathiresan, who filed a case in court claiming that actor dhanush is his son, has died due to ill health.

Dhanush is a leading actor in the tamil film industry. Dhanush's birth name is venkatesh Prabhu, the son of director Kasthuri Raja. Meanwhile, a few years ago, a couple named Katiresan-Meenakshi filed a case in Mellur, madurai district, claiming that actor dhanush was their son.

But dhanush categorically denied that they were not his parents. The case which was first filed in the Mellur court was dismissed, and then the couple filed a case in the madurai High court and filed a case demanding maintenance from their son dhanush as they are old.

But both these cases were dismissed for lack of sufficient evidence. Meanwhile, 70-year-old Kathiresan was recently admitted to the government hospital in madurai due to ill health. He has been undergoing intensive treatment there for the past few days.

In this situation, Kathiresan died yesterday without treatment. He is said to have been in dire financial straits lately. It is to be noted that although the cases filed by Katiresan in the Melur court and the madurai High court seeking a declaration that dhanush is his son have been dismissed, the case filed by him in the district court is still pending.

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