Amala Paul: Pregnant Amala Paul... photo shoot near the swimming pool!


Amala Paul: pregnant amala Paul... photo shoot near the swimming pool! 

Actress amala paul is currently 7 months pregnant, and the latest video of her is going viral on social media.


amala paul made her debut in tamil cinema with the controversial film 'Indus Samavly' and won the hearts of many young fans with the film 'Maina'. Following this, amala paul, who was high enough to act alongside leading actors like Vijay, Arya, and jayam Ravi, fell in love with and married director AL Vijay, son of famous producer AL Azhakappan.

According to the family tradition of director Vijay and actress amala Pal Dim, their wedding grandly took place. After marriage, director A.L. amala paul, who had left the film industry due to the condition of Vijay's family, got the opportunity to act in films like 'Basanga 2' and 'Amma Kanno', which fueled her desire to act in films again.

Actress amala paul BTS video goes viral on the internet

And amala Paul's desire for the film industry... exploded as a huge earthquake in her family life, amala paul - A.L. Vijay both decided to divorce and separate. After the divorce, AL Vijay is married to a doctor and lives happily as a family But while amala paul remained single after her divorce, she got married to Jagat Desai in november last year.

While amala paul was pregnant before marriage, now... amala paul is 7 months pregnant. She is spending her entire pregnancy with her husband and doing her favorite things. In that way, he conducted a photo shoot at the side of the swimming pool. amala paul posted a BTS video on social media that was taken as if it was happening and it is being seen as viral

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