'Cook With Komali' season 5 is about to start soon...


'Cook With Komali' season 5 is about to start soon...

Rakshan to enter the field as host - Manimekalai! Are these clowns? 'Cook With Clown' Season 5 Update!

As 'Cook With Komali' season 5 is about to start soon...Vijay tv has released the second promo.


The 5th season of Cook with komali was expected to begin next month after bigg boss season 7 ended. While there have been announcements about this from time to time, suddenly, Chef venkatesh Bhatt, who was the judge of the show... Cook with komali confirmed that he will leave the show.

After that, he left the show as the director and producer of the show Cook with Komali... Will there be a season 5 show of 'Cook with Komali'? The doubt arose.

Though the launch of 'Cook With Komali' has been delayed, Vijay tv confirmed that it will launch soon with a new moderator by releasing a new promo a few days ago.

Accordingly, this time, Madhampatti Rangaraj, who cooks various dishes in the house specials of many celebrities, is going to be the judge. Another judge will be Chef Damu. Their intro was like getting off a flight.

Shortly after this, Vijay tv released the second promo of Cook with Komali. In this, the presenters and some clowns have made intros. Along with Rakshan, Manimegala will be hosting 'Cook With Komali' 5 featuring Kuroshi, Sunitha, Prema, and Ramar. The promo of others is expected to be out soon

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