Akshay dreamed of a hero in childhood


Akshay dreamed of a hero in childhood …

akshay kumar said in the interview that he had failed in the 7th class. When father came to know about this, he came to ask, what do you want to become? Akshay's reply to this was 'I want to become a hero'. However, Akshay Kumar's dream was to take martial arts training. When he told this to his father, he sent him to Bangkok. There he learned different types of martial arts. Before that, Akshay had a black belt in Taekwondo while living in India. While living in Thailand, Akshay also worked as a waiter and chef to meet his expenses. And he did this work in hotels from mumbai to Dhaka. Apart from this, he also worked as a travel agent.

How did Akshay's luck turn?

akshay kumar started modeling on someone's advice. Where he got as much money for one assignment as his month's salary. After this akshay kumar came into the world of films. He got many films together like Deedar and Saugandh. This year was 1991. After the recognition he got from his film 'Khiladi' in the year 1992, he started getting a queue of films. At that time no one did such action as akshay kumar did. Due to Akshay's flawless action and amazing fighting skills, the number of his fans kept increasing. But the good days did not last long.

Then when the bad times came

akshay kumar himself told in many interviews that his acting shop was about to be locked. Many of his films flopped simultaneously. Before 'Janwar', a dozen of his films flopped in a row, and after talking to his friend, he decided to go to canada and do some work there. producer Sunil Darshan had told in an interview with RJ siddharth Kannan that just 2 months before the release of 'Janwar', the producer of Akki's film had even told Akshay that he did not have the status to put up the posters of the film. However, 'Janwar' became a hit and Akshay Kumar's acting business started running again. After this, apart from Akshay Kumar's khiladi series films, films like 'Hera-Pheri', 'And Dhadkan' came in which his different shades were seen.

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