This famous TV actress-single mother, accused her husband?


This famous tv actress-single mother, accused her husband?

nisha Rawal is one of the famous actresses on TV. nisha has made her special identity with many hit shows. nisha Rawal's professional life has been quite amazing, but the personal life of the actress has been nothing special. In the year 2012, she married 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' fame Naitik alias karan Mehra.

nisha and karan Mehra got divorced

The married life of the couple was going very well, they both had a cute son after marriage. But in the year 2021, the relationship between them deteriorated and both of them got divorced and separated. After this, nisha also made many revelations about karan Mehra. She said that karan used to beat her and he was also having an affair with another girl.

The actress is raising her son alone

However, after the divorce, nisha is a single mother and is raising her son Kavish alone and is very happy in her life. After the divorce, the actress is often questioned about her second marriage. Now recently, the actress has explained the reason behind remaining single through a social media post. In the post, nisha wrote- 'I am not looking for a knight in shining armor to buy diamonds and a car, because I have been doing this for myself for a long time. For me, my mental health is important before togetherness. He should not only respect me but also embrace my child, he should be kind.

'My partner should be like this'

nisha Rawal further said, 'I have always lived independently and my partner should also be like this. My love for you all is enough. I am moving forward with being single. I am living life on my terms and I am very happy. No one knows what the universe has planned for you.

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