R Madhavan bought such a valuable thing by spending crores!!!


bollywood actor R madhavan is the favorite actor of the viewers because of his superhit acting. The specialty of the actor is his film choice. Every time there is a different type of film and every time a different type of role is played by the actor very well. Recently the actor's film 'Shaitan' has been released on the big screen. In which his role has been liked a lot. Meanwhile, the actor has informed the fans about his most expensive gadget which is in Dubai. Let us tell you that no bollywood actor has this gadget like R Madhavan.

Madhavan's most expensive thing

Actually, while telling about his most expensive gadget to YouTuber Ranveer Allahabadia, the actor said - 'The most expensive thing I have bought is my house. A family of three does not need such a big and expensive house. Apart from this, if there is any most expensive thing that I have, it is my yacht. The actor further said- I have fulfilled my childhood dream by purchasing this.

madhavan told that he always wanted to become a licensed captain. To fulfill this dream, the actor used the time of Covid lockdown. He said- I had to take 6 months training for this. Now I have become a licensed captain who can sail a 40 foot yacht in the sea. According to the report of Times of India, the price of the actor's 40 feet yacht can be between 4 crores to 16 crores.

Weaving the story of the film on the yacht

The actor also shared his yacht experience with fans. He told that he writes the stories of his films in the open sky while sitting on his yacht. He said - I feel very good when I see dolphins jumping in the water around me. According to the report of Financial Express, the actor was given a fee of Rs 10 crore for his recent film Shaitan. Along with this, while giving information about the actor's net worth, it has been said that the actor is the owner of property worth Rs 100 crore.

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