Actress Aditi shankar's busy schedule!

Aditi Shankar: Everything you touch is a hit. Do you know the net worth of lucky heroine Aditi Shankar?

Let's see about the net worth of director Shankar's daughter Aditi, who is playing a PC heroine in tamil cinema.

Aditi Shankar

Shankar is a great director in tamil film industry. He has two daughters aishwarya and Aditi and a son Arjit. Both of Shankar's daughters have studied as doctors. aishwarya got married after completing her studies as a doctor. Aditi, Shankar's second daughter, shocked the doctor by making her film debut as a heroine after completing her studies.

Aditi made her debut as a heroine in the 2022 film Viruman directed by Muthiah. The actor acted opposite karthi in the film. Viruman was produced by actor Surya's 2D company. Aditi won accolades for her role as a village heroine in her first film and also received awards. Apart from that, Aditi also debuted as a singer through this film.

Maveeran is the jackpot opportunity that Shankar's daughter Aditi got after the success of Viruman. Directed by Madon Ashwin, the film featured Aditi shankar opposite actor Sivakarthikeyan. The film, which released last year, was also a huge hit at the box office, collecting over Rs 80 crore. Aditi became a star heroine in kollywood as the two films in which Aditi starred became hits.

At present, Aditi is getting a lot of film opportunities. Her next film is directed by Vishnuvardhan. Aditi is paired opposite actor Atharva's brother akash in the film. Apart from this, Aditi shankar is also going to play the heroine in Purananooru, which is being made by actor Suriya-Suda Kongara. she is also committed to act in a film with Atharva.

Let's see the net worth and salary details of Aditi Shankar, who is crawling as a lucky heroine in Kollywood. Accordingly, he is currently getting a salary of up to Rs.35 lakh per film. Aditi is also in the decision to move the salary from lakhs to crores depending on the results of the subsequent films. As per the current status, her property value is said to be Rs.80 lakhs. Aditi's father shankar has assets worth more than Rs.250 crores

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