Pooja Bhatt was naughty in school, punished by asking questions?


He is bold, cool and outspoken too. In Bollywood, she acted brilliantly in films like 'Daddy', 'Sadak', 'Tamanna' and then also became a filmmaker. Took a very long break from acting and then made a strong comeback. Yes, we are talking about pooja bhatt, who is in the news these days for her series 'Big Girls Don't Cry'. This series is based on a girl boarding school in which pooja bhatt plays the role of principal. pooja had a special conversation about her series and told many interesting things.

What does pooja bhatt keep in mind while signing a role? On this question she says, 'I am not just an actor, I am also a filmmaker. I look at the overview. I R. Was 'Chup' with Balki. My role comes in the second half, but the impact was there. You get roles according to the life you live. I didn't get 'Bombay Begums' just because of my acting, I got it because I had been a producer, director for 21 years, I fit into the role of a CEO of a bank.

When pooja was asked – You are a star, why do you have to enter production?

pooja bhatt has been the first female producer of India. He produced the film Tamanna at the age of 24. During that time, many people advised him to do only acting and not production work. Recalling those days, pooja bhatt told ABP news, 'I was told not to do production etc., this is the property of men. Act, you are a star, why enter production? I think if your focus is that you will not work according to your age throughout your life, you will not play the role of a mother, you will not play the role of a principal... we will see how many minutes I have... then. Then there will be trouble. Now times have changed. She says, 'I can work in both the english speaking world and the hindi speaking world. This is a very good time for women. If you are stuck in the 90s, that I will not play the role of a mother. I want my close up like this... then there will be a problem.

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