Shesu rose to fame with his stand-up comedy show Lollu Saba on Vijay TV

Vijay tv celebrity, comedy actor Sheshu has a sudden heart attack! Admission to kaveri Hospital!

Actor Shesu, who is famous for his hit show Lollu Saba on Vijay tv, is helping many poor women get married.

Shesu rose to fame with his stand-up comedy show Lollu Saba on Vijay TV. This was followed by dhanush making his debut as a comedian on the silver screen with the film 'Tulluvatho Ihla'. After this, he got a chance to act in many films only in small roles.

In Lollu Sabha, he impressed many with his timing comedy and body language. As actor santhanam has a lot of respect for him... he has consistently given the character to be noticed in his films. Especially in the movie A1, he made many people laugh by saying, "Rather than asking me who I am, go to someone else and ask who I am.. Oh, he is a terrible person! Tell him to be a little more careful..."

Similarly, his comedy scenes in the recently released film 'Vadakupatti Ramasamy' starring santhanam attracted many fans. Despite not earning lakhs on small screen and silver screen, Sesu has married more than 10 poor women.

Recently, he had been suffering from occasional health problems, but yesterday he had a sudden heart attack. Following this, he has been admitted to the Cauvery Hospital in chennai and is being treated by doctors. It is noteworthy that the fans have been sending their best wishes for the complete recovery of Finger Sesu.

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