Despite a troubled childhood, Aamir Khan is now one of the country's top actors.

He said that even though his father was a producer, he data-faced many financial problems at a young age. In an interview about this, he said, "Even though my father's films were doing well, he had no money and he was always taking loans, at that time he was taking loans at 36% interest rate.

The worst 8 years in our lives. His film was delayed by 8 years. We lost everything and were on the roads. I will be 10 years old then."

Next, aamir khan talked about his unique school fees. That is. school fees will be Rs 2 for class 2 and Rs 6 for class 6. Then the maximum fee is Rs. 10, but in my entire school life, I have never paid my school fees on time for even one year. Those who do not pay their school fees on time will be called by name in the assembly by the principal of the school.” He said that.

Despite a troubled childhood, aamir khan is now one of the country's top actors. Known as Mr. Perfectionist, he has given blockbusters such as Ghajini, Dangal, PK, Secret Superstar, dhoom 3 and many more.

Currently living a life of luxury, he owns a sea-view VTI in mumbai worth Rs 60 crore. He is not only a director but also a producer and runs a production company named aamir khan Productions. His net worth is said to be 1800 crore rupees.

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