Sai Pallavi talks about her dance experience!

It's really great.. sai pallavi danced like this for all the songs..

A video of sai pallavi talking about her dance experience is going viral on the internet.

Sai Pallavi made her debut as an actress with the film premam and gained attention across South India. The character of Malar teacher in that film impressed the fans a lot. sai pallavi started acting in telugu, tamil and malayalam films.

He created his own fan base by acting in films like Maari 2, NGK, etc. Meanwhile, she acted in several telugu films including shyam Singh Roy and started to emerge as a leading actress of Telugu.

Although sai pallavi is an actress, she participated in Vijay TV's reality show as a first dancer. sai pallavi will be mixing in dance in that show itself. sai pallavi impressed the fans with her dancing in her films as well. Sai Pallavi's dance performance in the song Rowdy Baby from Maari 2 was highly appreciated.

Sai Pallavi has paired up with leading actors like Suriya and dhanush in Tamil. The recently released sai pallavi starrer Gargi was well received by critics. Currently, sai pallavi is acting in Sivakarthikeyan's Amaran and Thandal in Telugu. Apart from these, sai pallavi is also acting as Sita in a hindi film based on Ramayana.

In this situation, the video of sai pallavi talking about his dance experience is going viral on the internet. In it, she said, “I will be dancing to a classical song in shyam Singh Roy. Apart from that song, I have danced in any film so far, and at that time I was in periods.

The same goes for dancing to the song Rowdy Baby in Maari 2. Doing something that pleases the mind, the brain accepts it, so then I don't know the difficulty. But sometimes after 2 - 3 days of dancing I feel very tired.

At that time my father would hold his feet. "I don't know the pain of doing something that I love so much," she said. Fans who have seen this video are commenting that sai pallavi is really great.

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