Actor Ajith has been admitted to Apollo Hospital for treatment

A brain tumor? What is the new problem found in Ajith's body? A sensational explanation given by the manager

While actor ajith has been admitted to Apollo Hospital for treatment, his manager has given an explanation about his condition.

Ajith PRO suresh Chandra

Ajith Kumar is a leading actor in tamil film industry. The news that he was suddenly admitted to Apollo Hospital yesterday caused a sensation. Fans were worried as they did not know what was wrong with Ajith. Subsequently, in the explanation given from Ajith's side, it was reported that he had gone to the hospital only for a regular check-up.


Subsequently, ajith underwent a physical examination at Apollo Hospital. It was then reported that ajith was diagnosed with a brain tumor and the doctors removed it after a four-hour operation. And it was said that ajith is under the intensive care of the doctors, which again caused tension among the fans.

Suresh Chandra

In this situation, his manager suresh Chandra has explained about the treatment given to ajith in the hospital. Accordingly, he said that it was not true that ajith had a brain tumor, and during a routine examination, he was diagnosed with nerve swelling below the ear, after which the treatment took half an hour.

Ajith health Update

Manager suresh Chandra explained that ajith was transferred to normal ward last night after that treatment and ajith will return home tonight or tomorrow morning. His explanation has made ajith fans breathe a sigh of relief. After a few days of rest, actor ajith is expected to take part in the shooting of Diligence again.

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