Actor Satyaraj has said that politics cannot be done on the basis of religion in Tamil Nadu

"It's not a religious storm, it's a religious storm.. Religious politics will not work in tamil Nadu." Actor Sathyaraj's speech..
Actor sathyaraj has said that politics cannot be done on the basis of religion in tamil Nadu.
Actor sathyaraj spoke at a special public meeting on chief minister Stalin's birthday held on behalf of DMK. Speaking at that time, he said, “A religious storm is coming towards tamil Nadu from the northern state. It is said to keep it inside. We will not let it go. It depends on the northern state. Because here people belonging to all religions are interacting like brothers and sisters.. You can't come here and do politics based on religion.
That's why I say it's not a religious storm, it's a religious storm. Here people of all religions are so united and friends. How can religion be used for politics here?
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Recently I went to mumbai for a shoot. There was not even a beef stall. Who are they to decide what food we should eat? It is very dangerous. This is why we say that the religious storm should not come in. Here, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, religious and non-religious, all sects are united. The policy of the Tamils is that this unity should not be disturbed.
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Father Periyar, Anna, artist, MGR, stalin all came from Periyar. What we have is a partner fight. Care should be taken that no enemy should enter it.” He said.

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