Big Films Failed To Close OTT Deal For Simple Reason

These days, we discuss how huge films aren't able to receive more compensation for their OTT partnerships, but there's another important issue that's not getting enough attention. If rumours from OTT teams are to be accepted, there's only one obvious explanation for why numerous commercial films starring major names failed to obtain OTT partnerships. So let's get started.
High-ranking insiders claim that certain well-known films have recently struggled to land OTT deals—not because of the hefty price tags they are demanding, but rather because they haven't provided a firm release date. One basic request from several major OTT players is to "lock the release date" and they will accept the movie. However, some telugu producers are unable to become fixated on the matter since they are unsure of when our creative directors will provide the first copy and when our leading men will be able to complete the movie due to their own inflated egos and artistic talent.
OTT platforms open the budgets for the next fiscal year, however some films that are really marketing that they have closed OTT deals haven't closed any since the producers didn't provide a clear release date. Thus, set the release date in advance to secure an OTT bargain!

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