Will Telugu ‘Premalu’ Justify the Malayalam Conflict Point?

Premalu became known as one of those films that, although having straightforward plots, manages to seem novel. The malayalam film transcended linguistic barriers to rank among the most viewed productions in other languages. karthikeya is now bringing the movie to Telugu.
Premalu was allegedly going to be recreated, much like many other malayalam movies that are being adapted into Telugu. Although the idea of opening a decent theatre in telugu is commendable, those who have previously seen the film expressed little enthusiasm for it being "remade" as opposed to "dubbed." Premalu, which they had wished for, is now available in Telugu. Here's another important query from a lot of people.

The plot of Premalu revolves on a recent engineering graduate from kerala who is desperate to leave his home state and go to hyderabad in the interim. He also wants to relocate to the UK. Many now question whether the movie's main thesis isn't contradicted by itself. When a Malayali person visits hyderabad and speaks telugu, the dispute disappears.
Fans of Premalu are eagerly anticipating the telugu translation to see how the conflict's justification works. Interesting ideas have been added to the social media conversations, such as what if the characters are from a rural hamlet and commute to hyderabad for employment. That is, indeed, a reasonable and potentially effective point!

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