Big Banners, Crazy Directors With Sundeep Kishan!

S Venkateshwari
Due to the economic success of his film Ooru peru Bhairavakona, which is currently doing well in cinemas, hero sundeep kishan is again in high demand. The actor, who is now working on several intriguing projects, just inked deals for new films with outrageous directors and large companies.
It is well known that sundeep kishan and CV Kumar are now working on MaayaOne. Expanded on its smash success Project-z/Maayavan, this sci-fi action entertainment is being produced on a larger scale. For Dhanush's 50th film as an actor and his second as a director, the actor reteamed with him. With the appearance of Captain Miller, this marks their second movie together.

Sundeep Kishan, who has been experimenting with many genres, has worked with venkatesh Maha, who is renowned for his realistic filmmaking, and Trinadha Rao Nakkina, who produced a hit movie with Dhamaka. With a brand-new film, he will present sriram as a filmmaker.
Additionally, sundeep kishan plays a significant role in Family Man's third season. He is, in fact, one of the busiest actors at the moment. More significantly, each of these films is supposed to be unique from the others. Sundeep Kishan hopes that these efforts would help him maintain his current winning streak. With each new endeavour he embarks on, the actor, who is renowned for his skill and unique taste, promises to deliver a fresh experience!

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