Ashmit Patel progressed in Bollywood on his own!!!


Ashmit Patel: ashmit patel progressed in bollywood on his own, and said - did not use Ameesha as a crutch

Actor ashmit patel, who has shown his acting prowess in films like 'Murder' and 'Nazar', is often in the news about his personal life. Ashmit has also been a part of bigg boss 4. Ashmit has recently returned to the world of acting with the web series 'State vs Ahuja'. Now in an interview, the actor revealed many things related to his career and said that he has never taken the name of his sister ameesha patel to move ahead in acting.

In 'State Vs Ahuja', Ashmit plays the role of a superstar who is accused of sexually assaulting his domestic help. The series is the story of this case, due to which the actor has to go through many difficulties. After the release of the web series, the audience linked its story to the shiney ahuja rape case. However, Ashmit has denied it is inspired by real-life events.

Ashmit said, "As far as I know, it has no resemblance to anyone's life. It's a completely free-thinking film. I don't know why the audience is connecting with it when the story doesn't resonate with anyone. It was not made with that in mind." Ashmit said that he never had to think about working in the 'State vs Ahuja' series because he had got along well with director Tarun Chopra from the beginning.

The actor believes that he has never taken his sister Ameesha Patel's name for work. Ashmit said, "I have always been someone who likes to do things on my own. So I never wanted to use my sister as a crutch. Because at the end of the day, I am on my own. The satisfaction I get from achieving something is much better than getting a crutch from someone or having someone as your godfather.

However, Ashmit greatly respects the work of his sister Ameesha and also considers her a great actress. Praising Ameesha, Ashmit said, "Gadar 2 was a blockbuster comeback not only for my sister but also for Sunny Deol. bobby deol has also made a comeback with Animal. So there is always an option of comeback in life. "

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