Atif Aslam sang songs even when he was unwell??


Atif Aslam: Pakistani singer atif aslam sang songs even when he was unwell, revealed director amit Kasaria.

Director amit Kasaria said that he had very little time to shoot this song. This was the reason why Atif recorded the song without wasting any time while being unwell.

Pakistani singer-musician atif aslam is making a comeback in bollywood after seven years. He is lending his magical voice to the romantic song of the upcoming film 'Lovestory of the Nineties'. The director of this film is amit Kasaria. The special thing is that despite Atif not being well, he seemed eager to work for this with full dedication. It is noteworthy that the songs of Pakistani singers were earlier banned in India.

Atif ready for work even in bad health

This film of Kasarisa is a simple family drama. He and his team found Atif perfect for the romantic songs of the film. It depicts a person who wants to live a simple life, in which there is a lot of space for love. Kasariya said, 'When I talked to him about this song, he liked this song. I told him that we have very limited time to shoot.' This was the reason why Atif, without wasting much time, started preparing for the recording of the song, even though his health was not well. Katarina said that when he was unwell, he flew to another city and recorded the song.

Rahul Nair composed

Sung by atif aslam, this song has been composed by music director rahul Nair. Its lead actors are Adhyanan suman and Miss Universe Diva Divita Rai. Its scenes have been shot in Shimla. Let us tell you that after the terrorist attack in Pulwama, Pakistani artists were banned. For this reason, actors, lyricists, singers other artists, and technical staff who belong to pakistan were banned from working here.

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