Swara Bhaskar and Fahad celebrated their first date at this place in the capital!!


Swara-Fahad: swara bhaskar and Fahad were in love with each other in delhi, and celebrated their first date at this place in the capital.

Valentine's week is going on. Today we introduce you to the love of swara bhaskar and Fahad Ahmed. Actresses swara bhaskar and Fahadh ahmed are living a happy married life. The love story of both is very special and even more special is their love story's connection with Delhi. The couple says that delhi has a special relationship with both of their hearts because their love started from here. Recently the couple talked about this.

Swara and Fahadh first met during a protest in Mumbai. However, both of them realized love in Delhi. From their first date at Sundar Nursery in delhi to the wedding at Swara's grandmother's house, the national capital has played and continues to play an important role in Swara and Fahadh's life. The couple's daughter was also born in Delhi.

Swara says, 'Delhi is the place where I realized that Fahadh is a trustworthy person and I can trust him. This is around Valentine's Day in 2020. We were working in India, we had to collect donations for one of my events. We were getting only two thousand, three thousand from people. But, one day Fahadh came from mumbai at midnight. They came to my house and gave me Rs 50,000'.

Swara further said, 'Fahadh said that he has collected this money for our event. What he said touched my heart because it was something he did willingly and it was not just a matter of money. It was about the effort that he made. I realized that this is the only person I can trust because it has been very difficult for me to trust anyone. When I started dating Fahadh, he came to delhi and met my parents.

Meanwhile, Fahadh says, 'When we were dating in mumbai, we went to restaurants once or twice, but it was in delhi that we met each other's families and friends. We also went to Sundar Nursery, it was our first outing, picnic, and date'. Fahadh said, 'In mumbai, love was in first gear, in delhi we made things go quickly by putting it in fourth gear. That's why delhi has a very special place in our hearts.

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