Poonam Pandey to be the brand ambassador of govt's campaign


Poonam Pandey: Poonam Pandey's new 'bullet' misfired even before it could be fired, and got a slap in the name of becoming a brand ambassador.

Poonam Pandey, who spread the false news of her death last friday, is being heavily criticized. Meanwhile, new news is coming out. It is being said that the actress can become the brand ambassador of the government's cervical cancer awareness campaign.

Recently, actress poonam pandey created a stir by spreading false news of her death on social media. This fake news was shared from his own social media account last Friday. The next day on Saturday, the actress herself came forward and said that she was fine. He told this lie intending to spread awareness about cervical cancer. Meanwhile, news also came out that the actress can become the main data-face of the Cervical cancer Awareness Campaign of the government of India. But, the health Ministry has rejected these rumors.

Ministry issued statement

According to news agency PTI, Union health Ministry officials said on wednesday that actress poonam pandey is not being considered as the brand ambassador of the government's national awareness campaign on cervical cancer. Last friday (February 2), the false news of Poonam Pandey's death due to this disease went viral. When the truth came out, people strongly criticized this stunt of the actress.

Poonam Pandey had said this

The next day i.e. on february 3, by sharing a video from her official instagram account, poonam pandey said that 'Cervical cancer did not kill me, but regretfully it has taken the lives of thousands of women. These lives were lost due to a lack of information on how to prevent this disease. Cervical cancer prevention is possible. It can be prevented through the HPV vaccine and some early tests. We have the means to ensure that no one dies from this disease.

Vaccination will get a boost

Union minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said in her interim budget speech that the government will promote vaccination of girls aged nine to 14 years to prevent cervical cancer. The Union health Ministry had last month said that cervical cancer cases in the country are being closely monitored. Regular talks are going on with states and various health departments on this.

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