'Dunky' heroine is going to pass through these roads today


Taapsee Pannu: people of UP, keep the windows open! 'Dunky' heroine is going to pass through these roads today

Apart from films, actress taapsee pannu is also associated with social programs. She talks about women's empowerment. She advocates that heroines should be paid equal to heroes and also runs a film company named Outsiders Films. Filmmaker boney Kapoor's daughters Anshula Kapoor and taapsee pannu also have a 'little bud'. ‘Nanhi Kali’ is the name of an NGO, with which Taapsee helps in the education of poor girls in different parts of the country. Taapsee is reaching Barabanki on Tuesday.

Actress taapsee pannu will meet her daughters in Barabanki near Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, on 6 February. After that, she will go to Mogha near Chandigarh. This program of taapsee pannu will run from 6 february to 8 February. During this, she will inspire to empower young girls through education and sports. Additionally, she plans to gift Amar Chitra Katha books, rackets, and educational materials to these daughters, ensuring that they have access to resources that inspire and educate.

Actress taapsee pannu says, 'If you educate one man, you are educating one person, but if you educate one woman, you are educating the entire country. We have to ensure that no girl, adolescent girl, or young woman is deprived of education. If women are educated then the whole country will be educated. Nanhi kali is very close to my heart and I request my fans to come forward and donate to the best of their ability to educate these underprivileged girls.

Actress Taapsee actively keeps an eye on the progress and well-being of the girls and ensures that they get the necessary support and guidance to move forward. Her commitment to Nanhi kali is to empower young girls to have a bright future in the field of education and sports. For the past few years, she has been participating in annual tours to different cities of the country to promote the dreams and aspirations of needy girls.

Actress taapsee pannu has dedicated herself to this noble cause for the past few years and continues to meet needy girls every year through this initiative to spend meaningful time with them and fulfill their dreams and aspirations. taapsee pannu More than just annual visits, she carefully monitors the girls' progress, and well-being, and ensures they get the support and guidance they need to move forward.

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