The doctor told this important thing to Anushka Sharma during her first pregnancy


Anushka Sharma: The doctor told this important thing to anushka sharma during her first pregnancy, this myth was broken

The house of the indian cricket team's star batsman and actress anushka sharma is soon going to be filled with laughter. This was revealed by former South African captain AB de Villiers. This news has increased the excitement among the fans of Virat and Anushka. anushka sharma had earlier given birth to daughter Vamika on 11 january 2021. Meanwhile, anushka is in the news for an interview in which she made several revelations about her pregnancy journey during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anushka had said, 'During the third month of my pregnancy, I used to feel nauseated and very tired. I thought it would never end. I never thought I would feel so tired, but when I was in pain or uncomfortable, I wondered if I had eaten at the right time. Or is the child okay?'.

According to media reports, anushka had said that for the first three months of her pregnancy, she was eating only toast and snacks. Then after some time, I felt like eating things like Bhel Puri. During this time, anushka also talked about her health and said that her doctor had told her about the biggest myth of pregnancy.

Anushka had said, 'The first thing my doctor explained to me was the mistake that people start eating for two during pregnancy. First for oneself and second for the child growing in the womb. Many times we do not have correct information. We take what family members tell us, but it is very important to have a medical approach instead'.

Anushka Sharma and virat kohli got married in italy in 2017. Four years later, they became parents of a daughter Vamika. Although any celebrity's children are surrounded by the glare of cameras right from the beginning of their lives, anushka and Virat always kept Vamika away from the media. For the past few months, speculations about Anushka's second pregnancy have increased. However, no response has come from the couple yet.

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