Anupam called his 'Ashram' to give Dakshina to the Guru


Anupam Kher: Anupam called his 'Ashram' to give Dakshina to the Guru, read what happened next...

The tradition of Guru and Disciple is considered to be the best tradition that has been going on since ancient times. Examples are given of how Aruni risked his life to follow the orders of his Guru and many other stories tell about the relationship of Guru and disciple in the indian tradition. Actor anupam kher also considers producer-director mahesh bhatt as his guru. His big-screen career started with Bhatt's film 'Saaransh'. The first shot of this film was taken on 2 february 1984. So, on its anniversary, anupam kher remembered this opportunity this year and he did something, which is very interesting and worth reading.

Everyone knows that actor anupam kher started his acting career with the film 'Saaransh' directed by Mahesh Bhatt. At the age of 28, actor anupam kher played the role of 65-year-old bp Pradhan. anupam kher, who considered this film to be the best film of his career, called mahesh bhatt, who turned 75, to his acting institute on Friday. Gave the excuse that he wanted to give Guru Dakshina. If mahesh bhatt is to be believed, Anupam gives him Guru Dakshina in every film he does. But, anupam kher has hardly ever promoted any Guru Dakshina program. Generally, the disciple goes to the Guru's house to give Dakshina, but here the case was the opposite and this attracted people's attention towards it.

He also reached mahesh bhatt Acting Institute to take Guru Dakshina of Rs 50 thousand. According to the people present on the spot, mahesh bhatt also narrated the story of the first day of shooting of the film 'Saraansh' to everyone. mahesh bhatt also mentioned their first meeting on this occasion. He says, 'When Anupam met me for the first time, there was a light on his data-face and hope that something would happen from here. When a 28-year-old was given the role of a 65-year-old, people were wondering how this was possible. Perhaps Anupam did not know what he was making.

Mahesh Bhatt was also very happy after receiving a Gurudakshina of fifty thousand rupees. mahesh bhatt, who was lying on the sofa with his disciple in his acting school, also got a photo clicked with a wad of notes. anupam kher is also seen with him in this photo. On this occasion, actor anupam kher once again credited mahesh bhatt for his success. anupam kher said, 'Whether Bhatt Saheb believes it or not, the entire credit for the success I have got goes to Bhatt Saheb. If I had not got the film 'Saaransh', I would not have achieved 40 years of success. You need only one film to be successful. I give Guru Dakshina to Bhatt Sahab for every film of mine. It started with Rs 300 and later increased from Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000. Before anupam kher spoke further, mahesh bhatt told about the Guru Dakshina he received on Friday.

Mahesh Bhatt said, 'Today he has given me Guru Dakshina of Rs 50 thousand. As it continues to be successful, I have been increasing my Guru Dakshina and will continue to do so with full dedication in the future. mahesh bhatt, while sharing an incident from his initial days, said, 'Once Anupam had come to drop me at the airport, he was very shy whether to ask me to go back or not. I understood that they did not have money to go back. Then I gave him a taxi fare of Rs 30 and today he is traveling in a car worth Rs 1 crore.

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