NetflixIndia has announced a docu-series on the Sheena Bora murder case.


Netflix: The buried truth of Sheena Bora's murder will be revealed, 'The Indrani Mukherjee Story: Buried Truth' will be released on this day

In 2015, the arrest of Indrani Mukherjee on charges of murder of her daughter Sheena Bora shocked the entire country. Indrani Mukherjee is all set to share details about the Sheena Bora murder case in the upcoming Netflix documentary series 'The Indrani Mukherjee Story: Buried Truth'. Netflix india released the poster on monday and announced that the series will premiere on the OTT platform next month. Indrani's data-face is partially covered in the poster. He was arrested in 2015 for his alleged involvement in the murder of Sheena Bora in 2012.

The series will be released on this day

Finally, the release date of the series based on Indrani Mukherjee, accused in the Sheena Bora case, has been announced. Netflix india shared the poster of the series and wrote in its instagram caption, 'A sensational scandal that shook the entire nation, with a family's darkest secrets at the center. 'The Indrani Mukherjee Story: Buried Truth, coming to india on february 23 only on Netflix.'

Series based on Indrani's memoir

The series is based on Indrani Mukherjee's memoir 'Unbroken: The Untold Story', which was published in 2023. In her book, former media personality Indrani Mukherjee talks about her entire life, including the six years she spent in jail. Presently he is out on bail. The documentary promises to peel back the layers of Sheena Bora's 'sensational' murder and the subsequent arrest in 2015 of Sheena's alleged mother Indrani Mukherjee, who was previously married to media tycoon Peter Mukherjee.

The truth will be revealed in the series

"The docu-series will feature Indrani Mukherjee, her children, veteran journalists, and lawyers talking about the family's dysfunctional dynamics and complex motivations," Netflix india said in a statement. The show will also showcase, for the first time, the disturbing call recordings between Indrani, Peter, and rahul Mukherjee and unseen photographs of the family, which will force the audience to think about the truth. This docu-series will be released on Netflix on february 23. This series is directed by Shana Levy and Uraj Bahl.

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