Did you know Ranbir Kapoor began ‘crying’ on seeing Bobby Deol shirtless in Animal?


Animal: ranbir kapoor and his trainer started crying after seeing bobby Deol's shirtless avatar, the actor revealed

'Animal', directed by sandeep Reddy Vanga, has written a new success story at the box office. After huge earnings, it has been declared an all-time blockbuster. The film grossed over Rs 500 crore in india and approximately US$15 million in North America. 'Animal' has been liked a lot by the audience with its songs, background score, and dialogue. This film has been in controversies due to some parts, but it has also received a lot of love from every corner of the country.

After this film, bobby Deol's popularity has increased a lot. The actor, who appeared in the film for only 15 minutes, is being praised everywhere. His character is being praised a lot.

The makers of the team recently released a video, in which ranbir kapoor, Anil Kapoor, and bobby deol recalled the time when they were shooting for 'Animal'. Ranbir shared that 'Animal' was technically his first action film and he released all his 'fury' in it.

Recalling the climax sequence, Ranbir said, 'My trainer was taking pictures of me in the gym because I was the first person to take off my shirt in the film. So, when I took off my shirt, the whole unit started clapping, 'Hero took off his shirt', but two days later, when bobby took off his shirt, me and my trainer started crying."

'Animal' is the second highest-grossing film of last year. This milestone was achieved in 2023, leaving behind many films. Now the film has also come on OTT. Here too it is getting a lot of appreciation from the audience.

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