Has Shah Rukh Khan decided his next project?

As per report bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan is currently entertaining the audience with his movie 'Dunki'. He gave a crazy update on the upcoming movies of king Khan. They said what kind of movies they are going to make. It is known that the movie 'Dunki' came out in the combo of bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan and star director Rajkumar Hirani. The film hit the screens on december 21. Got positive talk. But some are also of the opinion that the film is not as expected. However, Dunki movie is running successfully in theatres. Shah Rukh Khan is participating in many interviews on this occasion.

Meanwhile, after the release of 'Dunki', what kind of movie Shah Rukh Khan is going to do has become interesting. The bollywood star gave a crazy update on this. He made interesting comments on his next movies. In a recent interview, king Khan said... 'From now on I will do films suitable for my age. I will play the lead role in that too. The next movie will start in march or april next year.' It is interesting that he gave a crazy update on his upcoming film within a day of the release of 'Dunky'. What kind of movies Shah Rukh is going to do with the comments has become interesting for the fans.

Furthermore Shah Rukh Khan has dusted with three films simultaneously this year. He had blockbuster hits first with 'Pathaan' and then with 'Jawan'. At the same time, the bollywood star showed his strength at the box office by collecting more than Rs. 1000 crores. And 'Dunki' movie is also buzzing in theatres. Being directed by Rajkumar Hirani, who has created a mark in the industry with his films, and Shahrukh as the hero, Dunki will entertain in a long run. But it is said that the release of 'Salar' has had an impact on this film. It remains to be seen how the box office collections of these two films will be as the Salar talk continues.

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