Hi Nanna Enters Million-Dollar Club in Record Time!

Sindujaa D N
Natural star Nani's craze in overseas has been proved once again. Nani's latest movie Hi Nanna has entered the one million club without completing its first week. nani is the only hero among tier 2 heroes to have received this feat more times. It is said that the two million mark can be easily hit as the long run is far away. After the superstar mahesh babu in overseas, nani took his place. Mahesh has 11 million movies in his account so far.

'Guntur Karam' will be the 12th movie to be released on Sankranti. The rest of the heroes Mahesh and nani are next. By this you can understand how strong a market he has in overseas. That's why on the day of the release of Hi Nanna, nani made a trip to America, meeting the audience there and visiting theatres to fill the fans with more enthusiasm. Hi Dad will not have any brakes in overseas until Salaar comes. 

Hi Nanna movie got positive response not only overseas but also india wide. As far as the telugu states are concerned, this time the weekend is three days, so it has become more plus for Hi Nanna. Hi Nanna is not getting enough shows due to less theatres. Producers are trying to increase sunday shows in that direction. In places like Hyderabad, almost all tickets are sold through advance bookings. The result will depend on how much the drop is from Monday.

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