Interesting Tasks in Bigg Boss Telugu 7 : Finale Race..!?

The finale power astra race is currently going on in Bigg Boss. On this occasion, the tasks given by bigg boss were completed. Yavar shed tears in this sequence. It is noteworthy that the rest of the members think that Amare is the reason. bigg boss telugu season 7 is currently going on in full swing. bigg boss finale Astra task will be very interesting. Currently only four of the eight people are left in the house. Among them Priyanka, Shobhashetty and shivaji have become directors from today in the tax held till yesterday. Today seven, eight and nine tasks today became very interesting.

Amardeep stood at the top in the cricket game task given by Bigg Boss. Then there are arjun, Prashanth, Yavar and gautham Krishna. In the next task 'Tappinkucho Raja', Prashanth was successful. Amardeep also played well. Yavar, gautham and arjun stood next. At the same time, Shobhashetty and priyanka opined that Yavar had to shed tears because of what amar had done. In that task, the contestants have to free the chains tied to the legs with locks. But Prashanth, who took the key first, reached the target. arjun was left at the end as Amardeep, who immediately went back, dropped the keys in a frenzy. After that task loan arjun got into an argument with shivaji when he misbehaved. However.. Yavar burst into tears as he lost his points. Amardeep Kasta expressed his displeasure as Pallavi gave those points to Prashant.

And Pallavi Prashanth is supporting in every task. He showed his skills in every game in today's tasks. They played super and impressed. On the other hand, Amardeep is also impressive with the tasks. They are scoring well. With this, amar Deep and Pallavi Prashanth are the bigg boss Finale Astra Winners. We have to see what kind of changes will take place depending on the future tasks.

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