Guntur Kaaram Is Review-Proof And A Sure Shot Blockbuster

S Venkateshwari
The current debate between producers and film critics about early assessments for friday movies erupted during the Aadikeshava prerelease event. In contrast to the present practice of early friday reviews, sithara Entertainments producer naga vamsi believes that the films may survive if the reviews are given a day or two later. While the argument never truly ended, it quickly shifted to Sankranthi releases, with the producer exuding immense confidence in his guntur Kaaram.

Producer naga vamsi stated that regardless of the grade or review given to guntur Kaaram, the film will undoubtedly be a success. naga vamsi stated that he has no objections to any review for guntur Kaaram since he is convinced that it is review-proof. Earlier, when discussing theatre availability, guntur Kaaram's producer stated that the film is the most anticipated of the Sankranthi releases. guntur Kaaram appears to be a blockbuster in the making, yet how huge it will be remains to be seen.
When speaking to reporters about movie reviews, Nagavamshi advised that reviews be supplied a day after the film's release rather than before. When a reporter questioned about "Guntur Karam" and its upcoming release around Sankranti, Nagavamshi confidently replied that the film does not require reviews because it contains blockbuster stuff.

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