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Skanda, a film starring ram and boyapati, has hit the theatres and delivered a powerful blow. The hot issue is the politically charged conversations and the scenarios that have strong resemblances to the current events. For instance, the arrest of srikanth is comparable to the debate and event involving Satyam Ramalingaraju.
Chantam, Nyayam, Dharmam, Vurukuntundemo...A lawyer refers to srikanth, who was imprisoned after being wrongfully detained, as "Aa Daivam Vurukodu." These are only some. The movie has a number of potent one-liners and dialogue. The talks are said to be politically oriented and written to support a party in AP.

Some of the speech in the movie, spoken by ram, the protagonist, criticises the administrative shortcomings. Even the film's baddies are shown as chief ministers of telugu states. All of these are fueling the rumours that skanda is the victim of political favouritism. Before the 2019 elections, boyapati is believed to have produced music videos and advertising for the TDP. His earlier flicks legend and akhanda also have incisive language with some political undertones. This may be the cause of the current craze towards skanda talks.
Similar controversy recently erupted over Pawan Kalyan's brother, and politician Ambati Rambabu specifically attacked the movie and Pawan. We'll have to wait and watch whether any political officials from the ruling party reply to the skanda discussions and fuel this debate.

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