He took Vulgar Video of me without my Knowledge at that time - Regina Cassandra

The upcoming project by AGS Entertainment is named Conjuring Kannappan. regina cassandra and sathish play the key roles in the movie, which is helmed by Selvin raj Xavier, a newcomer. He also wrote the movie's story, dialogues, and screenplay. The production company released a formal announcement on a forthcoming project. 

Selvin raj Xavier, the director of the movie, reportedly stated in a statement, "The movie will provide the viewers a different fresh experience and will provide them with fantastic pleasure. It is a captivating fusion of comedy, horror, and fantasy that we created. All age groups will find the film entertaining. Selvin has previously assisted sumanth Radhakrishnan and Chimbu Deven in their work.

In a recent interview, Regina talked about the worst thing that happened to her. In the interview she said, a guy videotaped me several times while I was walking. I never noticed initially and later when I noticed I went straight and grabbed his phone. Then I asked, why are you taking photos and videos of me? To which the person said I didn't do that..and he said give me my mobile phone. In return, I took a video of that person. He apologized and pleaded to give and when I saw his gallery I saw he has taken obscene postures of me while walking. 

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