Ground Floor Balisindaa Bey: Balakrishna Fires!

S Venkateshwari
Bhagavanth Kesari, the much awaited movie starring Nandamuri balakrishna, will get a major premiere on october 19th, the day of the dussehra holiday. Anil Ravipudi, a skilled director, has created a lot of anticipation for this movie with the trailer and the recently released Ganesh Anthem. The crew recently wrapped up filming and has already released an engrossing video that walks viewers through the whole production process. The work of important artists and technicians was highlighted in this video, which provides a unique behind-the-scenes peek at numerous places.

We are treated to a spectacular appearance by balakrishna himself as the video comes to a close. He gives the audience two strong speeches that are likely to leave an impression. In a particularly stressful moment, he utters the lines, "Kalisi Matladutha Anna Kadaa, Anthalone Mandini Pampaalaa... Ground floor Balisindaa Bey" to a group of opponents. And in yet another pivotal scene, he establishes his persona with the enduring phrase, "Bro... I'm not bothered.

The production team devoted eight months of their lives to the project, filming in a whopping 24 different locations and 12 different extravagant sets. For Balakrishna's admirers, the video demonstrates that the skilled anil ravipudi is cooking up something very fascinating. Thaman once again demonstrates the promise in this video, continuing the success of balakrishna and Thaman. As the release date draws near, the team is preparing for a significant marketing effort.

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