Who started Sai Pallavi Marriage News ? It's a Telugu Facebook Page!

The talented siren is back in the headlines when sai pallavi was revealed to be the lead in naga Chaitanya's forthcoming movie. A snapshot of her that has been going around everywhere today has shocked the audience by claiming that she secretly got married. In all honesty, it just takes these images for a select few people to spread the word; they don't have the time to investigate the underlying reasons why.
Sai Pallavi and director Rajkumar Periaswamy are the subjects of the widely distributed photo, which was not taken at a wedding. It was really captured at the muhurat celebration for #SK21, the star Siva Karthikeyan's next movie, which happened back in May of this year. Sharing that, some online users are busy joking that the actress wed in secret, but that is untrue. In tamil Nadu, wearing garlands around the neck is very customary, and people do pooja before donning them.
It has come to light that a famous telugu page has shared the meme and started this rumor. The same page also started Nithya Menen's harassment news. sai pallavi, on the other hand, has slowed down these days because several of her films, like Gargi, failed to fare well at the box office. However, the actress has now committed to a number of commercial films that really give her a legitimately grounded and author-supported role.

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