Anasuya Has Some Bold Stuff in Peddha Kapu

In Peddha Kapu-1, directed by srikanth addala and produced by miryala ravinder reddy under dwaraka Creations, anasuya bharadwaj played a strong role. The lead character in the film, which will be released on september 29th, is Virat Karrna. anasuya explains that her role in Peddha Kapu-1 would be crucial. "I'm unable to say the character's name or other traits just now. There is little doubt that the viewers would identify with Pedha Kapu's world. Everyone will likely refer to me by the name of the character after the movie is released.

She describes Peddha Kapu-1 as a rough movie. "I portrayed a really powerful and unique role in Pedha Kapu-1. Additionally, my character uses some daring language. hero Virat Karrna was praised by anasuya for all the effort he put into the film. "Virat is a really kind guy. After the trailer was published, he was contrasted with Prabhas. I'm hoping he will become well-known in the field. srikanth addala portrayed his part with ease, and anasuya said that the audience would be astonished to see him in such a role.
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